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Partner with Anthony Program 2019 – An honest Review

In this review, we take a look inside the Partner with Anthony Programm 2019 edition, what it offers, the costs and if you should invest in it or if it is just another affiliate marketing scam.


Want to know the truth about Partner with Anthony, just read on…

What is the PWA – Partner with Anthony?

In short, the Partner with Anthony is an Online Training Course as well as Affiliate Marketing Opportunity and the brainchild of longterm author, internet marketer and well-known businessman Anthony Morrison.

So who is Anthony Morrison?


Anthony Morrison is a speaker, author, self-proclaimed 7-figure Internet Marketer, owner of over 20 online businesses and creator of Partner with Anthony.

According to his bio, he started to teach people simple Google Adwords strategies over 10 years ago.

He has grown his company Morrison Education to over 15 educational courses and 10 marketing and automation driven software.

What about the costs?



There is a monthly plan of 7$ / month and also a one-time payment option of 97$.

You are free to choose but only the one-time option also includes the free membership with the Sucess Connection Program.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is is a 30-days-money-back-guarantee, no questions asked. Just cancel via email and you get a full refund within the first 30 days.

So what do I get?

You get an Affiliate Marketing Course with 30 Lessons teaching you everything you need to now to start with the Partner with Anthony program.

A lot of the lessons are mainly focused on getting you going, motivating you and putting you in the right mindset empowering your online success.


You learn how to set up everything using the necessary tools, how to build a funnel and how to promote your product online (with e.g. youtube videos).

You also get the funnels you need (as shared clickfunnels funnel) and a seven-day follow-up email series for your autoresponder.

You also get access to your commission links which also includes detailed tracking and reporting software, so you’ll know which promotions make you the money.

You also get a copy of “The Hidden Millionaire” by Anthony Morrison as an ebook.

Not to forget the membership in the Success Connection which comes free with the enrollment with Partner with Anthony.

And what’s inside the Partner with Anthony Program?

Inside the Programm are 30 Lessons each one consisting of 4-5 5-10 minute videos.


The lessons are delivered in a kind of “drip” method: the next lesson is regularly unlocked after a waiting period of twenty for hours.

This content delivery method is probably a good way of making sure even newbies can absorb all the content in their own time…

It may also be not bad for building up a relationship either…

Partner with Anthony – The Good

A relatively cheap subscription fee: Priced just 7$ monthly, Partner with Anthony is probably the cheapest “Affiliate Marketing System” around.

Comparable Affiliate Marketing programs usually are priced at about 49$/ month and more.

This probably makes Partner with Anthony the almost ideal program for low-income newbies…

The 30-day money-back guarantee: This is aa guarantee Morrison Education usually does not provide with its programs. This eliminates the small investment risk even further…

Within this program, Anthony provides his students with a lot of free content, from scripts over additional funnels, whole autoresponder series to even a complete membership site.

Since the Partner with Anthony Program is the cheapest way to get access to the Success Connection training and content, this alone may be enough reason to enroll…

Partner with Anthony – The Bad

There are upsells! Yes, these are the so-called Tools you need to implement all the lessons learned in the program like:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Build Redirects
  • Get Response

There is also the Ambassador Program, which is marketed as an extension of the Partner with Anthony Program because it has additional commission potential.

And there is the “drip” method in which the thirty lessons are delivered: the next lesson is regularly unlocked after a waiting period of twenty for hours.

For an OCD driven guy like me, it’s pure torture… seriously.

For the experienced and advanced marketer, the Partner with Anthony Program becomes interesting after additionally investing in the Ambassador Program.

It provides a lot of additional Programs with commission possibilities including some high-ticket-commissions.


Is Partner with Anthony a scam? Surely not. It’s a good program well worth the 7$ a month. So, for whom ist it?

It’s specially designed with newbies and intermediate affiliate marketers in mind.

It consists of a complete system with all the elements and all the training to get you started (newbies) or to get you to the next level (intermediates) with your online business.

The experienced marketer may also have to enroll with the Ambassador Program to get some value out of the Partner with Anthony Program.

Because the commission is not only paid for all existing Morrison Education products and programs including some programs with high-ticket-commissions.

It also includes the commission rights to all future products and programs.

So should I get it?

In my opinion: Yes.


If you are just starting with affiliate marketing or if you are an intermediate marketer looking for a system to scale your business, then you should go with the Partner with Anthony Program.

You will have access to a lot of information, strategies and DFY blueprints which can help you on your way to your online success.

How can I get the Partner with Anthony Program?

That’s easy, just follow these steps:

1. STEP: Click this link

2. STEP: Follow the instructions until you see this video:


That’s it. I wish you the same success with the program that I had.



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